Christmas time @ Weihnachtsmarkt

If you notice, during this time I have a post about the Christmas market. I just realised, I have written about the Kerstmarkt in The Netherlands or Noël a Paris. Now it’s time to show you the route of the Christmas market – Der Weihnachtsmarkt. With a long tradition starting from Germany, Christmas markets in Germany have become a tourist attraction. Every year, in the end of November Christmas markets are opened everywhere in the Germany and last for 1 month.

Every year, I am caught up in the beautiful décor and the ‘bling bling’ of all the lights adorning Christmas markets. From Germany, to The Netherlands, to France, to Austria then to Slovakia… Let me tell you, Germany still wins my heart by its traditional Weihnachtsmarkt. It’s all about tradition, friends gathering around with a glass of Glühwein (sweet hot wine) or hot chocolate on their hands. Taking a deep breath and you can easily smell a sense of Glühwein in the air and the smell coming from the grilled meat searing on the hot coal.

The happy vibe is sent out when you are still few steps away from the market. The excitement can be seen obviously on people’s faces. They say Christmas markets are best in the evening. It is somehow true. The lights are on like stars sparkling in front of your eyes. These lights also warm up the whole place and make it cosier. You are surrounded by laughter of people, the sizzling of meat on the grill, kids giggling on the carousel… This atmosphere is a reason to keep me coming back here. That has mentioned the food. You can get such a good treat here with some typical German food. Reibekuchen – some deep fried potatoes that tastes delish with Apfelmus (apple puree), or get yourself some champions with garlic creamy sauce. When people talk about German food, sausages and meat are the main two things they first think of. Yes, you will not be disappointed. There are many more that you would definitely be excited to find in a Christmas market.

Everyone is now so excited for the Christmas day to come. People look for their home decorations or Christmas presents. It is the time of gathering with your loved ones and having a wonderful time together. I am sending you all wishes for happiness, laughter, and a lovely Christmas. Enjoy the last days of 2014 and make it the best!


Angela Koblitz