Portugal: A Gleam of Ria Formosa

There were sun, sand and water. I was surrounded by the utmost beauty of nature. I was out there, embracing the nature that Faro has given. On the first day of my stay, I couldn’t help my excitement to see the wonder of Ria Formosa. Thus, I decided to take a boat in the late afternoon to go to Ilha Deserta.

The boat was floating and bringing me slowly to the island. With the guide, I was explained clearly about Ria Formosa and its surroundings. It actually amazed me that this small town Faro could own such a beauty. Like they said – ‘Our economy might be poor but we are rich in nature’. It was just wonderful! The sun shined on the water, making it sparkle. Seagulls screeched, storks chilled out on the land that was still not sunk by the high tide. The sea breeze went through my hair and brought with it was the refreshing smell of nature – bit fishy, bit weedy. And I loved it!


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