Enjoyment of Life and Travel


When you call yourself a traveller, you always strive to reach to every point of the world to see things that you have heard of. Actually, I am not so sure if that how you see traveller right. Or is that called a tourist? I have realised that when most people travel, they certainly want to see the most well-known attractions or we call ‘must-see’, and tracing the attraction track to cover them all. However, how I see it is as a failure of travelling. The lack of time has made us rush and become a tourist. Our eyes just stare at the travel guide book to get information instead of wandering around to get answer, getting to historical sites and focusing on photographing the attractions to share on social media… Too hectic, don’t you think? Especially, some travel bloggers out there try their best to check out all places in one destination to write their posts and forget about their passion for travelling. I have lost myself in some of those times but I at the same time have found my way back to my passion and just enjoy what I have at that moment. As I always tell myself: Pictures can be kept, moments not.

Travelling alone could really do great for yourself to see things in a different way. The ability to focus on details is what I have learnt and it has taught me to appreciate things as they are instead of how they are described. When was your last time looking up close at a certain building, touching the sand to feel if it’s wet, or simply enjoying the heat even if it is freaking 40 degree hot. I have started to learn to slow down and look around me what is happening, enjoy the moment which I wouldn’t get when I am not travelling. The day I found the joy of a second standing still must be finding my mind lost in the sunset on Koh Lanta – A place I didn’t plan to go but became the place I found myself and got the best experience of my whole trip.


“Then the night reached to this island. I loved the fact that I stayed in a bungalow that was 20 steps away from the beach. I took a stroll spontaneously on the beach at one night. Some restaurants were still open and had music on. The dimmed candle lights could be seen from a distance. Oh, it could be very romantic if I was with someone. Crickets chirped. Waves pounded the shore. I looked up and there were stars, sparkling over the dark sky. The full moon light illuminated equivocally behind the trees. That moment is so hard that impossible to find in the city. I was soaked up in the dark for a while. The only thing I hated was the mosquitos. But I wouldn’t do a crazy thing if I was so bothered by them. I ran to the water. Having my legs in the cold water felt just amazing. I could have actually dipped my whole body in unless I was not having my phone in my purse. And just like that, another day on this beautiful island passed by.” – Koh Lanta, Feb 2015

You say it is easy to enjoy the moment because you simply just have to relax. I say it is not! Social media is covering our free-time and certainly the urge of being in touch has been so crucial. I am no exception for those social media addicts. One time I talked to T and he said it was not travelling if you had your phone and your laptop with you. I spoke against it aggressively to prove my point that I was still a traveller with them without any consideration. It was 4 months ago and now I get it. When my head was over Instagram or blogging, I felt exhausted enough to enjoy my travels. Daily life is no difference – before crawling out of bed all social medias need to be checked, email checked…. Habits would follow our way to wherever you are, so better change it, shall we?

Why don’t we take sometime to listen to some good tunes of music when we wake up, dance along, get some bites for our tummies. Getting some fresh air would do good as well, opening your windows to check out the weather of today or maybe you are up early to catch the sunrise. A good breakfast is something I am so fascinate about when I first wake up. Strolling out to the kitchen with the radio on, I feel so energetic. I certainly still need to learn to manage my time on social media but everything needs a start. Sometimes I choose to write on my notebook instead of typing to get some writings done. In fact, it is way much better then typing because there is no distractions and less hesitations when it comes to writing on the paper.

We all sometimes need to learn to enjoy ! And especially to appreciate every single moment you have wherever you are and whatever you do!