Germany: Loretta Bar – Hidden treasure in Glockenbach Viertel

Loretta Bar

Address: Müllerstraße 50, 80469 München

Gotta say, Munich has impressed pretty well with all hotspots in town. What I love the most is there are several spots hidden which you could not realise it would either be a bar or a cafe or maybe it could be the big club until you first mistakenly enter or got suggested by local. And that begins the story of Loretta Bar.


You better not try to look for it because there is no name in front and the place is so vivid that makes you wouldn’t figure out where the hell is that bar. I passed by this normal looking café many times on the way to work and never had the urge to go in. But you know, do not judge the appearance. It might not look so vividly beautiful from the outside but somehow it still attracted me by its wildness and simpleness. And there I entered for the first time and fell in love with what they got in there.

A great space with an open bar, it does have the charm even though I wouldn’t call it cosiness or chic. However, what they offer is what interested me the most. You would probably be lost in the drink menu because there are quite a lot to look at. The question is: how do they manage to make all those drinks? Normally I wouldn’t be so happy about it because I would be so confused what to choose and doubting always comes along. Right at that moment, I just mumbled myself: CRAZY! Drinks are so interesting here.  It took me about 3 visits to actually taste most of special cocktails and liquor in Loretta. Now I sound like an alcoholic but no, I just enjoy good drinks every now and then.



Here are some facts:

There are over 90 different kinds of Amero which are imported from Italy
130 different kinds of wine
And bartenders there know them all and are very well-educated on each different liquor

Maybe what made me so excited about those drinks there must be all the experiments they put in each drink and they know how to play with different ingredients – herbs, leaves, flowers, and even wood.

Go look for that bar and enjoy a good drink, guys!