Spain: Mercado Atarazanas, Málaga

It’s so lively and exciting. I have never imagined that Spain would be like this.


The market has generally everything. From fish to butchers, to vegetables to herbs. It is so bustling with people. I was overwhelmed with its lively atmosphere. People shouting out what they are selling that it makes the market even more exciting. You have to be there to experience it.

To me, I was so into the products here. Everything is fresh and affordable. If I have to compare the price with Western Europe, here is 3 times cheaper. What you should buy is Spanish olives. This is something I was amazed of. You might have never tasted any better olives than these. Especially if you live in Northern Europe.

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The market is located in the North of the Alameda, in what’s now the commercial district. The building is an 19th-century iron-clad building which incorporates the original Moorish gate that once connected the city with the port. The magnificent stained-glass window depicts historical highlights of the city. As I say earlier, it’s very lively. Some people might find it crowded and noisy but I think it is how the Mercado is supposed to be.



If you are in the area, don’t forget to check out a small restaurant called El Rincón del Queso. Here you can find really good Jamón with a good price and have a glass of Spanish wine. The place is next to the Supersol supermarket and in front of the exit of the market.