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Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany but it isn’t difficult to explore the city in within a day. You will not be able to see it all unless you skip enjoying the Bavarian dining and drinking culture which I think it would be a waste if you are in the most cultural part of Germany. If you are in Bavaria, you should NEVER LEAVE OUT eating the food from this region and drink the real Bavarian beers. Let me give you a hint how you could enjoy this city at its best!


Something I find quite ironic that the day ticket for public transportation in Munich is quite cheap compared to the average expense. The cost is about €6.50 and you are able to travel 3 rings. However, you don’t need to go that far, trust me! Most destinations are accessible by foot but you might want to hop from one place to the other at its fastest or it might be a bit tiring after a long trip that you do not feel like walking too much.

2 – Grab your Bavarian breakfast

Start you day right with a good breakfast and it cannot be better than having a real Bavarian breakfast. Not a tradition but people still do so every now and then. A Bavarian breakfast includes Weisswurst (white sausages) & Brezel (pretzel). As you have known, Germany is known for their sausages. If Berlin has Currywurst, Frankfurt has Bratwurst, Munich has their famous Weisswurst. It comes with a pretzel – salty knotted bread.

Suggestion: Miss Lilly’s Restaurant 

3 – Walk the Isar


I wouldn’t say it is a popular attraction because of its stand on the fourth largest river in Bavaria, it is a hot destination for locals to come and chill. Isar looks the best in the summer and you are able to sit down by the river to have some drinks or BBQ.

Suggestion: walking on Fraunhofer bridge towards the city centre

4 – Drink not-so-Bavarian styled coffee


If you are a coffee lover like me, you cannot skip your morning cup of wake-me-up. Munich offers quite a limited amount of cafes and the number is far from what Berlin got. However, quantity does not say anything about quality, does it? Walking from Fraunhofer bridge towards the city, you will cross by Man versus Machine – a Munich based roaster.

Suggestion: If you want to check out other cafés, check out the list of 5 best coffee places in Munich

5- To Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt and climb the church of St. Peter

That one spot that most people come to Munich can never miss – Marienplatz. It is seen as the centre point of the city where the city centre starts. It is easy to reach from Man versus Machine cafe by foot – about 10 minute walk along the Sendlingerstr which you hop in shops for a bit of shopping.

From Marienplatz, it is reachable to Viktualienmarkt where you can find the local market and a beer garden. As I have noticed, Viktualienmarkt is not very touristic and mostly locals enjoy hanging out here. So my recommendation is to join them and experience as a local.
Suggestion: North West of the seafood shop (Nordsee), you can find a hut selling delicious falafel shop where you can have a big plate for a fair price.

From St Peter church, it is a great opportunity to see the city from above. On a clear blue sky day, you might be even lucky to see the Alps from here as well.
Suggestion: another location for a good view is on top of Olympiazentrum

6 – Hofgarten, Eisbach, Haus der Kunst


One of the most beautiful spot in Munich, in my opinion, is Hofgarten. This French inspired garden is stunning on its own but its charm you gotta admit once you stand in front of the pavilion. During the summer time, flowers grow everywhere, which gives the atmosphere around here so romantic.

Take a walk from the garden slowly towards the English garden. Just next to the museum of contemporary art Haus der Kunst, you will find the Eisbach – the favourite spot for surfers. I have never known how that works but it makes continuous waves so that people can surf or practice there. It is catchy for many visitors.

Suggesions: if you are an art lover, check out the collections from Haus der Kunst. And the best part of it, enjoy few afternoon drinks at the Goldene Bar. 

7 – Eat Bavarian dinner

Start with Bavaria, end with Bavaria! In Munich, there are several restaurants that you can eat Bavarian food. The most popular thing that most tourists like to do is to visit a Brauhaus. However, if you want to escape from the touristy places, Spezlwirtschaft is the right restaurant for you. With a modern design concept, Spezlwirtschaft is definitely the most stylish Bavarian restaurant in town.

Suggestion: if you want to get a snack in between, get a Bazi’s box at Schlemmerkucherl on Müllerstr.



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