I chose to be a solo traveller

In this modern world, being single is something to be seen ‘unbelievable’, especially when you are an alright good looking girl. People come to you and ask why that would be possible that you are single. Quite a dumb question, huh? At least that is how I interpret it.  What is wrong with being single? Or because I am travelling alone and how people see it as depressing because you don’t have a companion on the trip and would see yourself lonely in the crowd? Wait, I actually don’t see the relation between being single and travelling alone, or I have been the wrong one the whole time. I think I am lost in my own complicated mind. Now you are probably just as lost and thinking what they hell I am talking about.


22 years of having my feet on the ground in which knowing about travelling for the first time at the age of 14, 4 years knowing how to see the world in different dimensions and only 1 and a half years knowing who I really am. Just like other travellers out there, travelling for me is a passion, an addiction and something called joy. Maybe that first time joining the summer camp in Singapore or the first flight going alone to China to visit my mother opened my eyes and came along the definition of travelling. Well, who would know about what travelling was at the age of 14 right? It would have just felt like any other vacation, going somewhere to have fun. But certainly it must be the reason that has brought me to become a traveller today.

Got in a relationship at the age of 17 with a Dutch man, I had no regret and actually I felt absolutely happy with that beautiful relationship. He is a traveller himself that made us to be a travelling couple. Those days gave me some great experiences that has developed my way of travelling now. Travelling with your loved one is always a great idea because you can always find yourself sharing great moments with the person you want to be with the most and it was for me when I travelled with him as well. However, the fact that I was in a relationship way too early, I was lost in the bubble of love and my boyfriend was the only I looked up to. I did not know who I was, I did not even know how it meant loving myself. I stepped out of the relationship just before turning 21 which for some people say the turning point of your life because you are about to enter the adulthood.


There I was, single, and right after, I booked my first flight for one to South of Spain. Was I lonely? Certainly not. But I wouldn’t deny that I could feel the lonesome when I was the only one dining at a restaurant table. But that was the first lesson I got – learning to be comfortable being only with yourself. Then many more lessons to come, and more trips to make, I have got into the zone of solo travelling. The more I go, the more I understand my abilities, the more people I have met on the way, the more stories I have heard, the more inspiration I have got. At one certain point, I have found myself, my life goal and my strength. That is something I did not see while in a relationship and same with meeting people, relationships could limit yourself in doing so somehow.

  1. Travelling alone does not mean you are lonely
  2. Travelling alone maximise your abilities
  3. You is the most important person of your life

Solo travelling wouldn’t be for the whole life but till you find the love of your life, enjoy yourself and what travelling would bring you. And myself, for now, I choose to be a solo traveller.

Inspiring Solo Female Travellers – Featured blog posts


They say it is dangerous. They say we are fragile.

There are over millions travellers out there who are taking their travels alone. A big part of them is added by female travellers. The fact that female is seen as the weakener gender but we have proven to the world that we are not weak as they think. Are you a solo female traveller? Are you hoping to share your experience to help other female travellers around the world? You want to be recognised by other bloggers and travel readers. Then read on.



This community aims to connect female solo travellers, not only to share their advices on travelling alone but also their inspiring experiences. We all have different ways of travelling but a touch of inspiration from others might make us a stronger traveller.


You are a female traveller? You have travelled alone? You have things to share to other people to inspire them to travel?
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Thailand: Two sides of Bangkok

It was a right decision to have my weekend in Bangkok. Being here at its craziest time was kinda cool. I stayed in a French guesthouse located in a small alley between 2 busy roads – Rabuttrim and Khao San but I still got my quiet nights.


Khao San Rd is known as the street of crazy night parties. I hadn’t had anything in my mind what to expect. Then, I was there. I was lost in a crowd of people at 11pm on a Friday night. The whole street was packed of people. Music was on. Some bars seemed like having a competition of who has better and louder music. Along the street does not only have bars and beers but also many food carts. Pad Thai, Coconut, and ‘insane’ insects. Just being here that I know why people say Bangkok is crazy. I was surprised by some businesses that Bangkok offers. Maybe a bit overwhelmed of what was actually moving around me. At one moment, people were all on the street dancing. Beers in hands, smile was on each face. My eyes were caught up at some lady guys dancing and trying to get a ‘customer’. Then the clock ticked midnight, police came from all directions and tried to shut all the bars down. Oh well, it was some kind of an act, I supposed. The moment the police were away from the spot, the music was on, people danced, again. The night life on Khao San just went on just until 2am. Bars were closing. However, the party seemed not over yet. A Sunday night, I hit a club for a pre-fullmoon party with N. The night of a Sunday night seemed not much a difference from other nights of Khao San. The party was over at 2.  For us, it was not nearly an end. In fact, the business of Bangkok’s night life is just started. N and I asked around for an after party and in fact, we got into a tuktuk for just 40BHT to get there. Quite a price huh? It was a 20 minute ride around Bangkok to get to that place. We were waited somehow. The amount of people any Tuktuk of Taxi bring to the club will be written down on a paper and I suppose they will have a share from that. At that moment, we realised why the trip was so cheap. Anyway…

Besides all the crazy party nights, the noise from the traffic, Bangkok has its quiet side. I spent a day walking along the riverside. Hopped on a boat and went to most attractions. Strolling around for awhile in the extreme heat of Bangkok… After a while, I found myself lost in an area that there was no tourist. ‘Bangkok could actually have a place like this?’ – I questioned myself. I was looking for shadow to hide there for a bit and led to a small temple. It was just a plan to dry my sweat but I stayed a bit longer sitting in the quietness. It seems pretty hard to find a quiet place in Bangkok because of all the traffics. And there I was, still! Most temples that I visited in Bangkok, they are quite touristic. Having a moment being surrounded by no one but the still were rare.  Time passed and time to move on.

I didn’t have a chance to explore more areas of Bangkok. However, I was there few years back so I didn’t really miss anything. But great thing, I got an opportunity to meet up with a friend that I met in Hanoi three and a half years ago.

From here, I was off to Koh Lanta!













Flying myself to South East Asia for 6 weeks


I have been planning this trip for awhile. As I am visiting my family in Vietnam, I’m gonna lengthen my stay in Asia for few more weeks to head South West of Vietnam then go on to other neighbour countries. And the exciting thing is, I am going to attend the Chinese New year – Lunar New Year, which is happening on the 19th February.

So here is my upcoming trips in South East Asia:

12 Jan – I am flying to Hanoi, Vietnam. There, I will be staying with my family for one week.

19 Jan – Heading to Buon Ma Thuot by plane (1 day stay). 20 – 22 Jan – to Dalat either by bus or by Easy rider. 23 – 25 Jan – Ho Chi Minh City

I try to manage to travel within Vietnam within one week.

26 Jan – Taking the bus from Ho Chi Minh city to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2 days stay)

28 Jan – Siem Reab (2 days stay)

30 Jan – Bangkok

3 Feb – Flying to Yangon, Myanmar
I will be travelling around Yangon for 1 week. I think I will probably visit Thanlyin and Dala.

12 Feb – Luang Prabang or Vientian, Laos (I haven’t decided yet where I will go in Laos and if I am going. It will depend on how much I have left if I can afford the flight to Laos)

16 – 25 Feb – I will be staying in Vietnam and celebrate Lunar New Year with my family 🙂

I will make my trip spontaneous, therefore, I haven’t booked any tickets yet. At the moment, I just know I’m flying to Vietnam on the 12 Jan and I cannot wait to see my family again. I also cannot wait to see what are awaiting ahead. This trip I travel on my own so this will be my second solo trip I’m gonna take. I really hope I will see many people on the way. To be honest, I know it is quite dangerous for an Asian girl travelling in Asian countries but I’m sure I will manage everything and everything goes well.