Tanzania: Lake Manyara National Park – Into the wild

It has been my dream to see wild animals running free. I believe that dream is hidden in each one of you too. Having my eyes on Planet Earth all those years and somehow I wondered it was real. And there I was, standing in the jeep watching out from the roof and being overwhelmed by the surreal surroundings because I was in the middle of the jungle where monkeys, impalas, elephants live and stay friends.

That first time seeing animals not being in zoo’s cages, I felt free myself. Spotting zebras running wild in a big grass field made my heart jump indescribably. Either they got the freedom that they deserve, or I was looking at such a beautiful creature for real instead of in front of the television. It turned me into a little child with sparkling eyes staring at them for the longest time. The clock froze and letted me stand still for that second to look at that surreal picture.

A whole day I spent in Manyara National Park and seeked for as many animals as possible. That excitement came continuously when a species passed by. However, this place does not just have animals. Lake Manyara itself is a beautiful creature of nature that stunned me at the first sight. Looking over the lake from Panorama Campsite, I could only say ‘wow’. The mixture of colours, green, pink, yellow, all blend in to make the picture incredibly magnificent. Getting closer to the lake at Hot Spring Manyara, it was a zoom-in to the reality. That view was non-fictionally real after all.




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First impressions of Tanzania

24 hours in the air stopping by 3 airports, I arrived finally in the land of Tanzania. I was prepared to get the cold from Tanzanian weather but the sun was shining bright and warm when I arrived. I landed in Kilimanjaro Airport and there is nothing like I have seen. Planes parked in the middle of the road and we got off and walked to the lobby. 50$ paid for the visa and I was good to go through the custom. People from Heri Africa Tours were waiting for me outside and welcomed me nicely. We took a drive from the airport to Arusha where I would have a night stay before the safari and I couldn’t help but show my excitement when I saw things around there. Fascinating enough, I could not wait for my adventure the coming 2 weeks in this country.

For sure, I felt welcomed here in this country and people there made me so. There were so many things I had learnt just on the first day of my stay that people have to come to Tanzania to see otherwise all your assumptions are just a myth.

Tanzania is green



That fact you can see the moment you was hanging on the air of Tanzania. From the airplane, I was amazed by how endlessly green their country looks from above. Of course, I was told that it would look different when it is in dry season. So let say, I was lucky to come when it was at the greenest. Big parts of the country are national parks which I would be joining in a safari tour to see. However, you would find grass, rice fields, trees growing all over.

Tanzania is wild


Most people come to Tanzania for the safari, to see wild animals. You can call Tanzania wild because of that. But actually, I mean nature made and no touch of modernity. Everything surrounding you is simple with no luxury. Maasai people walk around luring their goats and cows, kids running around their houses giggling with each other…

Tanzanian people are friendly


Maybe because they see me as a tourist but they are welcoming and warm hearted. They always try to make you feel at home and that what I got from Heri Africa Tours. Right on my first day in Tanzania, I got welcomed with the famous dance from Maasai people. Everyone has his or her smile on the face. At that moment, I felt overwhelmed by how special they made me feel and my heart was warm. I felt great to land my feet on this country.


Hospitality and service are over the top


I have travelled to several countries in different continents, nowhere have I got such great hospitality and service than here in Tanzania. No matter where you are, they will help you as much as in their capabilities. And staying in their accommodation, they make you a home, which will always put a smile on you.

Bumpy roads are common


Before landing in Tanzania, be prepared for the roads there. They call it ‘The African massage’. Besides their main roads, Tanzanian roads are most of the time very bumpy. Highways can be smooth but ‘til you entering your accommodation, there your bumps are gonna dance on those seats so get ready for the ride.


People tell me that Africa is dangerous. People tell me that Tanzanians are full of scams. Let me tell you: people in Tanzania are down to earth, they do not care about luxury and they will always welcome you with open arms. Come to Tanzania and see it yourself!