Germany: Berlin – Coffee diaries #1

It was the longest ride from Munich to Berlin. 8 hours in the bus and I couldn’t feel my legs any more. The moment the bus reached Berlin, the only thing I wanted to do was to get out to stretch my legs. The breeze was damply cold but was good to get some fresh air after a long time being stuck in a full loaded bus. It was already 1am and still two underground trains till I could get to my friend who lives in Kreuberg. I certainly did not remember how Berlin looked at all. Just about 1 year ago, I was in Berlin but everything seemed still freshly new. I did not remember that Berlin could look quite dirty, messy and wild. That was me at 1:30, maybe it could change when the sun came out?

Hallesches Haus

Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin

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Feeling the urge to get up because it would be a waste if I stayed in bed in Berlin. So there we went, my friend took his dog Romeo down for a walk and I joined for a short stroll. We stopped by Hallesches Haus, a small concept store with a cute café that made my feet stuck around for awhile. Cosy, yeah quite, but there is something old and there is something new. The store itself is neatly modernised but the cafe is an open space with great boutique interior. I don’t even know boutique is the right word, but it is like the 70s in the 21 century. Would be a lovely place for reading a book, till next time, shall we?

The Companion Coffee

Address: Oranienstraße 24, 10997 Berlin

They say it is the best coffee in town! Oh well, I can’t even guess how many café there are in Berlin and to say it is the best would be something to consider. After saying goodbye to my friend, I walked on to The Companion Coffee. My eyes were looking all over the place but couldn’t find that shop. It was hiding in a alley and in a clothing store called Voo. Small little café but has so much to offer. Coffee beans from all different countries have gathered here and certainly, must be the best ones.


Address: Oranienpl. 14, 10999 Berlin


I have realised that Berlin is cool not only because of its lifestyle but its gastronomy is so diverse and interesting. It could take you weeks to spend in Berlin just to cover most cool places in town. I wandered around through Instagram the other day and found this cute spot for food. It was just a few steps away from The Companion, there turned my next stop for food. Having opened for only a short time, but has had quite many eyes on. It certainly had mine. With a simple menu but not forgetting some sparkles in some certain ingredients, Ora has shown its talent for cooking.

Bonanza Coffee Roaster

Address: Oderberger Str. 35, 10435 Berlin

It was a very cold day in Berlin and the wind was brutal. Walking around with my feet and hands freezing that made me want to stay the whole time inside the subway. At one point, I quit the cold and followed my need to a warmer place, and nowhere better than a café. It was a ride crossing the Mitte quarter to a cosy roaster that I had heard long before. It was pitch black already even though it was only 4pm. I stayed for awhile to sip a good cup of coffee till I was completely warmed up.

I don’t know for what reason but I have always come to Berlin for only a day stay. Somehow sad but I can always feel fresh and new whenever I am back. Till next time!



Germany: James T. Hunt Bar – My second living room in Munich

Jame T. Hunt

Address: Schellingstraße 32, 80799 München

Not really a bar hopper but I always appreciate few good glasses of cocktails from time to time. When it comes to cocktails, I want to pay a good amount of money on those. With the experience of bar keeping for the last year, I am even stricter on what I drink. If you ask me about how to make cocktails, to be honest, I did not learn how to do it but just by following recipe and shaking it hard. But how to taste cocktails, I am sure you can trust what I am about to tell you.


It was the middle of the week but I was asked to go out for some drinks at James T. Hunt bar. I never care which day it is to have a good drink because it can always push your spirit and nothing is wrong with a bit of alcohol. Kinda cool that the bar is so vivid but at the same time hidden. I crossed by Schellingstrasse for millions times but never really knew that there was a chic bar standing there.What is James T. Hunt? I don’t really know and don’t even have the urge to ask. But it has got me hooked since the very first time. The fact that I was sitting in a cosy place with great interior, you know me, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. In the concept of a small living room, James T. Hunt has pull out its friendly atmosphere that people come here could feel like at home. I was, in that case, feeling too much at home that I lost the time. Or was that because those cocktails were hitting on me because to be honest, I did not just take one.



I got my first sip on the Berry Bomb and couldn’t slow myself down. It was quite a different taste compared to other cocktails I had tried, but it was certainly great. I tried to figure out what was wrong with my drink, why was it so good but so strange at the same time. Until the last drop of that Cherry Bomb in the bottom of the glass, I still couldn’t figure it out. All I tasted was absolutely damn fine alcohol with a playful taste but still yet not know what. There came my second cocktail. I think everyone was wondering what was in my mind because of my dull face. YES! I GOT IT! It was not sweet! I realised how we had always been tricked by the sweetness in the cocktails that they fooled your mind that cocktails need to be sweet. Maybe I am the only fool here. However, I found out there was no sugar in my drink and I asked Simon – the bar chef to be sure. A man who can make you a good drink, you just have to watch out before you fall in love with him. No, I am just kidding but what I am talking about is, alcohol could make you happy and a man who knows how to make good one for you…? Back to the cocktails story, I suppose you all have this expectation of sweetness when you order a cocktail. Maybe you do not notice it but your brain has kept a note for you without your permission. Simon shared with me that all sirups added in the cocktails are homemade from fresh ingredients. All the magic is created by this man.

If you love cocktails, come to have a try when you are around in Munich. If you like, come again! That how I did and now I have made it my second living room. A great place to hang and beautiful drinks are something you cannot ask for more. A good company maybe, but you won’t even feel lonely in James T. Hunt. You should find out yourself why!








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Liebster Award

Just a short time really focus on blogging, was cool knowing about Liebster Award. Thanks Wanderingkeri for the nomination.

The Rules:

Once you accept a nomination, you are expected to complete the following steps:

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you (Thanks again, Faye!).
  • Create a post on your blog.
    • Display the Liebster Award logo.
    • Answer the 11 questions assigned by the person who nominated you.
    • Nominate 11 new bloggers.
    • Come up with a list of 11 new questions for your nominees.
  • Post the blog link in a comment to the bloggers you nominated.

Here are the questions I got asked:

  1. It’s dark, you’re alone, the cat jumps up and runs from the room … what’s next?
    I would follow the cat
  2. Adventures for me means?
    There are different kinds of adventures but to sum up as one definition, I would say, experiencing new things
  3. I’d rather ________________ than _________________ but then I’d also _________________.
    I’d rather travelling my whole life than staying at one place forever but then I’d also like to find a place to call home
  4. Today I am going to?
    ..write and inspire people just like other day
  5. Who is your most favorite person?
    No one I call favourite, I call them interesting
  6. What makes you smile more than anything else?
    Getting messages from people asking me how I am on the trip and how proud they are that I can do what I am doing
  7. When you look over the edge of the tallest mountain, tallest building, or deepest mine what’s the first thing you do and say?
    I would stay still, look at one certain subject and feel the surroundings
  8. Your most used tag line is what?
  9. What’s your go to travel outfit.
    I am a backpacker in style, I don’t dress like a backpacker and just pull out what I look best in
  10. Where have you been that just stopped you cold when you saw it?
    Cinque Terre and its sunset really make me have goosebumps
  11. When you are lost … what do you do?
    Keep moving on because you won’t find the way if you go back either.

I don’t force anyone I am about to nominate here to answer my questions in public. These people I have my eyes on for awhile and some recently and I think they deserve some love. And I would like to present 7 blogs I think you should check out and follow:

  1. Johnliddlephotography
  2. The Travelling Song
  3. Venturology
  4. Michael
  5. Andrew Rupp
  6. The Rad Way
  7. The Mad Woman in The Attic

Questions for you:

  1. Where do you find your most comfortable at?
  2. How do you define home?
  3. Would you have a choice to travel to one place for the last time, what is your destination? Why?
  4. What do you capture most often with your camera?
  5. How many places in the world have you been to?
  6. Which country can define you best?
  7. Why do you blog?
  8. What do you think about the roll of a blogger nowadays?
  9. How do you describe your voice in writing?
  10. What do you stare at most often which can make you calm?
  11. Give one word that can describe you best.


Inspiring Solo Female Travellers – Featured blog posts


They say it is dangerous. They say we are fragile.

There are over millions travellers out there who are taking their travels alone. A big part of them is added by female travellers. The fact that female is seen as the weakener gender but we have proven to the world that we are not weak as they think. Are you a solo female traveller? Are you hoping to share your experience to help other female travellers around the world? You want to be recognised by other bloggers and travel readers. Then read on.



This community aims to connect female solo travellers, not only to share their advices on travelling alone but also their inspiring experiences. We all have different ways of travelling but a touch of inspiration from others might make us a stronger traveller.


You are a female traveller? You have travelled alone? You have things to share to other people to inspire them to travel?
That’s all it takes!
As long as you have a social media platform – blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc., which provides information relating to travels, you are able to submit your works.


  1. If you have blog posts, photos, videos that include contents to inspire people to travel and sharing experiences of your travel as a solo traveller, please send the link to with few sentences of yourself (who you are, when you started travelling, why).
  2. Before your article being featured, you will be interviewed via Skype. If it is not possible, we will think of second plan.
  3. Your work will be featured on the last Friday of the month. If you were not featured on that day, please still keep submitting because you might have the chance to be featured on the next week.
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All featured posts will be published on every last Friday of the month 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Thailand: Two sides of Bangkok

It was a right decision to have my weekend in Bangkok. Being here at its craziest time was kinda cool. I stayed in a French guesthouse located in a small alley between 2 busy roads – Rabuttrim and Khao San but I still got my quiet nights.


Khao San Rd is known as the street of crazy night parties. I hadn’t had anything in my mind what to expect. Then, I was there. I was lost in a crowd of people at 11pm on a Friday night. The whole street was packed of people. Music was on. Some bars seemed like having a competition of who has better and louder music. Along the street does not only have bars and beers but also many food carts. Pad Thai, Coconut, and ‘insane’ insects. Just being here that I know why people say Bangkok is crazy. I was surprised by some businesses that Bangkok offers. Maybe a bit overwhelmed of what was actually moving around me. At one moment, people were all on the street dancing. Beers in hands, smile was on each face. My eyes were caught up at some lady guys dancing and trying to get a ‘customer’. Then the clock ticked midnight, police came from all directions and tried to shut all the bars down. Oh well, it was some kind of an act, I supposed. The moment the police were away from the spot, the music was on, people danced, again. The night life on Khao San just went on just until 2am. Bars were closing. However, the party seemed not over yet. A Sunday night, I hit a club for a pre-fullmoon party with N. The night of a Sunday night seemed not much a difference from other nights of Khao San. The party was over at 2.  For us, it was not nearly an end. In fact, the business of Bangkok’s night life is just started. N and I asked around for an after party and in fact, we got into a tuktuk for just 40BHT to get there. Quite a price huh? It was a 20 minute ride around Bangkok to get to that place. We were waited somehow. The amount of people any Tuktuk of Taxi bring to the club will be written down on a paper and I suppose they will have a share from that. At that moment, we realised why the trip was so cheap. Anyway…

Besides all the crazy party nights, the noise from the traffic, Bangkok has its quiet side. I spent a day walking along the riverside. Hopped on a boat and went to most attractions. Strolling around for awhile in the extreme heat of Bangkok… After a while, I found myself lost in an area that there was no tourist. ‘Bangkok could actually have a place like this?’ – I questioned myself. I was looking for shadow to hide there for a bit and led to a small temple. It was just a plan to dry my sweat but I stayed a bit longer sitting in the quietness. It seems pretty hard to find a quiet place in Bangkok because of all the traffics. And there I was, still! Most temples that I visited in Bangkok, they are quite touristic. Having a moment being surrounded by no one but the still were rare.  Time passed and time to move on.

I didn’t have a chance to explore more areas of Bangkok. However, I was there few years back so I didn’t really miss anything. But great thing, I got an opportunity to meet up with a friend that I met in Hanoi three and a half years ago.

From here, I was off to Koh Lanta!













Vietnam: From Buon Ma Thuat To Buon Don

It was a hell of a ride. With a bus from the centre of Buon Ma Thuat, it takes about 1 hour to get to Buon Don Village. I settled myself in a hotel in the centre of Buon Ma Thuat and directly took the bus to the village. The bus ride must be the scariest one that I have ever had. I arrived safely in Buon Don which was a miracle.

Buon Don is known by its Cầu Treo (the Hanging Bridge/Suspension Bridge) which is made by bamboo and rattan and connected by iron cable and its elephant races which is held every March.  I gave a try crossing the bridge and ehm… I truly need to practice on my balance. The bridge looks quite fragile but it is actually very stable. The bridges are tighten on huge ancient trees that are hundreds years old and grown along Srepok river. It is so calming with the sound of the stream around and being surrounded by nature.







It is also possible to try riding an elephant here in Buon Don, either around the village or through the stream. However, I refused to take that ride. The elephants look not so happy so I would prefer not to exploit them.


One thing that you will find everywhere here is Nhà Sàn (Pfahlbau/Stilt House). They are built with wood on stilts. People here believe that they build their houses above the ground to prevent wild animals to get in. The wildness from the outside looks interesting. I could imagine the life in that wooden house must be fascinating – living so close to the nature, feel every single draught…




If you have more time, try to take a visit in the village to see the lifestyle of this place. People here are extremely kind and friendly. I felt so warm and welcomed. Buon Don is not very popular among tourists but once you are here, you will see another culture of Vietnam. It’s nothing like the city.




Taking Off to South East Asia

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Just landed in Singapore and found myself waiting 6 hours at the airport. What could it better than spending some quality time to edit a post or hopping in the city to find some food.

I tried to wake up as early as possible but I was still in hurry. Part of it caused of the Dutch public transportation. I couldn’t feel more disappointed with the Dutch system in this. Luckily, I still got to the airport on time. I’m always stressed out when it comes to flying. Especially when it is a long flight. I left Schiphol Airport, said goodbye to my most favourite person and got ready for my new trip.

First thing I did when I arrived in Changi Airport was buying shorts and flipflops. I just wanted to tuck myself in summery clothes and enjoy for few hours before I face the cold of the Northern Vietnam. I had a small reunion with Trisha Toh (blogger of The Weekend Brunch). It was funny to see her on the other side of the globe since last time we met was 3 weeks ago in Germany. We made the best out of our 3 hours in the city.

It always feels so good to be in another city after staying at one place for a while. I can’t tell how excited I am seeing myself with a backpack this time. I have some changes in my plan again but it is all about being spontaneous. Next stop, HANOI!

Goodbye 2014 – A coming exciting 2015


I cannot imagine how a year could pass by so fast. And honestly, 2014 was a rough year for me but it has brought me quite many experiences that I will never forget. It was a year that I decided to find myself. Somehow, I have found a part of me.

One of the biggest event of this year that I turned 21. Besides the fact that I feel more matured, I have seen an independent girl in me. Let’s be a bit personal. Getting out of a long relationship was a hard decision but it taught me to stand on my own feet. I made a big step in my 21st that I went on a solo trip in August. Flew myself to south of Spain and paid a visit in Morocco. I was amazed how great it was – travelling alone. I could get lonely sometimes but it forced me to communicate with other people. A lesson that I learned! That hasn’t finished just yet. I had my return in Cologne, had 5 months exchange in this city and met amazing people. I letted myself to socialise and meet new people. Some of them have become great friends. I had a chance to open up and learn about people from different countries.

I’m glad that 2015 has come. I can’t wait to see what awaits me this year. I’m starting this year with my second solo travel in South East Asia for 7 weeks. For me, it’s a challenge –  an Asia girl travelling in Asian countries. However, someone has told me to believe in my sixth sense and follow I believe it’s safe. Besides that, I am hoping I will get a chance to go to America this summer. Further travel plan will be planned after my Asia trip.

Who doesn’t get excited to have something new? A new year is a new chapter. Wish you all a happy new year and all the excitement might come this 2015.

Happy travel!!


The Netherlands: The ‘Gezellig’ Utrecht

It was a great two-and-a half year, Utrecht. There are good and bad memories. However, the best is all the people I have met and some have become great friends.

Utrecht is known as a student city. It is located in the heart of Holland and from where you can easily reach to other cities in the Netherlands. It might not be a popular destination for tourists as Amsterdam, but whoever comes here would wish to stay a bit longer. As I have lived here for almost two and a half years, I have experienced Utrecht differently. However, the impression for this city has remained the same – small but cozy (or the Dutch call it GEZELLIG).

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