Germany: Explore Vietnamese cuisine with the 5 best Vietnamese restaurants in Munich

Being a Vietnamese born, I have got to learn about Vietnamese cuisine. In fact, it should be called an education within this field because it is a long-time exploration when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. Noodles, you name it! Bun (Vermicelli), Mien (Glass noodles), Pho (Rice noodles), Mi (egg noodles)… As a foodie and a Vietnamese, I am highly strict on what a Vietnamese restaurant could offer. In Munich, there are over 94 Vietnamese restaurants and that number hasn’t included small Imbiss (small restaurants which have a few sittings). It was a challenging project to do to find the best 5 restaurants in Munich.

The list below is dedicated according to my research on several websites to check the interior of each restaurant as well as their menu, visiting those selected restaurants and trying their dishes. Most Vietnamese restaurants have a similar menu but some of them have stood out to be nominated. Please know that it is my personal opinion and these are just some of many Vietnamese restaurants in Munich. I localised my search within the city centre for those who want a convenient access.

Let me first introduce to Vietnamese cuisine. First of all, if you consider to order Curry in a Vietnamese restaurant, you are not eating Vietnamese food. We do not specialise in curry, and in fact, WE DO NOT EAT CURRY. Curry is a dish that each Vietnamese restaurant offers for Western customers who want to go for a safe choice. CURRY IS NOT IN VIETNAMESE CUISINE! For some who have known a bit ’bout this kitchen, Pho is the well-known dish whenever you mention Vietnamese cuisine. It comes originally from the North and Southern Vietnam has brought a different flavour to it when it goes south. However, it is not the only noodle dish we have because we have way much more. And of course, noodles are not the only things we eat in Vietnam. Noodles are mostly for breakfast or a light lunch, but for us, rice with vegetables and some kind of meat dishes is the main meal. Within those dishes being served with rice, there are about hundreds more dishes. About street food, I can’t tell enough. I won’t confuse you further. If you would like to try Vietnamese food in Munich, here are the best 5 restaurants that can offer you what you won’t get offered elsewhere.


Moonsoon Glockenbach

Address: Hans-Sachs-Straße 9, 80469 München


The first Vietnamese restaurant I have ever visited in Munich when I first arrived in this city and it amazed me by its interesting menu. Monsoon is proudly to be called one of the best Vietnamese Restaurants in Munich because how they present the Vietnamese cuisine on the table and their passion for the business. The restaurant has got high attention from customers since they first reopened. The menu is full of Vietnamese traditional dishes with a touch of innovation. Actually, that’s how Monsoon caught my eyes. Monsoon is the first place which has introduced me to some dishes that I did not know before like Bo lui, Banh bo, Tom lui

The main cook is the father of this family business. He shared with me his passion for cooking since he first arrived in Germany. It could be the circumstance that brought him to the business but he worked with full of ardour.

Anh Thu

Address: Kurfürstenstraße 31, 80801 München
Phone: +49 (0)89 27374117

Looking simple from the outside but Anh Thu presents their style in an elegant way from the inside. Most Vietnamese restaurants have one common thing which is over decorate their shops. However, that you won’t find in Anh Thu.

The kitchen are more likely Southern tasted but they know how to balance the best of both worlds to turn all their dishes into the finest. Let me present Anh Thu through one of my favourite dishes – Bun thit nuong (vermicelli with grilled pork served with salad, crushed peanuts and fish sauce). In the North, the dish is presented differently, in which you are served a bowl of Nuoc man (fish sauce), grilled pork and noodles separately. We call it Bun cha. However, in the South, it turns into a mixture of noodle salad which is tasteful and incredibly fresh. That’s why Anh Thu has nailed it and surprised me with a bowl of goodness.


Koriander Too

Address: Einsteinstraße 113, 81675 München

It was a spark between me and Koriander Too since the first time I stepped in this place. The interior is neat and nothing is like a Vietnamese restaurant which makes them different. Comes to the menu, I spotted some dishes that interest me very much. What I like the most is they offer dishes which we eat normally at home as a dish with rice. The best one must be Thit kho trung (braised pork with eggs) – one of the most popular home-cook dishes in Vietnam. I, honestly, fell in love partly with the place because of that dish because it brought me feeling like home. The kitchen is southern-like and as a northern Vietnamese, I was amazed how the dish could crave my appetite and bring me back to the home dining table.

An Nam

Address: Pestalozzistraße 32, 80469 München
Phone: +49 (0)89 24203499

From the outside, An Nam does not appear to be a place with taste but it got me to change my mind. With just about 50 sittings but it turns to be a cosy restaurant. The business has been run for the last 5 years and offered the best of Vietnamese cuisine. It stands out to me by the offer for both styled Pho noodle soup – Pho Nam (southern) and Pho Bac (northern). As it is mentioned in the beginning, Pho is traditionally from the north of Vietnam. If you want to judge a bowl of Pho, always judge the stock. How good or bad the Pho is, the stock would tell you and that is what makes one of the differences between northern Pho and southern Pho.  With An Nam, they have been well-known around town of their Pho and people have been loving it here. Maybe it is your turn to give a try.

Ca Phe Mai

Address: Klenzestraße 8, 80469 München


I got to know Ca Phe Mai just recently through a friend and I’m glad that we got to meet. This family business has renovated the restaurant and made it into even a better place that is worth for a visit. With a minimal decor, Ca Phe Mai presents its taste in decoration with simple interior. The menu is also not that large which is actually a great thing because you won’t be confused of what you should order.

In that short list, you don’t have to doubt any dish because you know that they will all turn out good. Here you can find the taste from all parts of Vietnam and in what they are presenting on the card, there is that bit of north – Banh Cuon and a bit of south –  Banh ich tran and not forgetting a touch from the central of Vietnam – Banh xeo.