Why should you come to Vietnam? Entering Vietnam easier with Vietnam Visa

Actually there is no reason for why not. Coming to a new place means to explore another part of the world, to learn something new and to experience things that you would not find back home. Vietnam has stolen many people’s hearts because of its nature’s charm, its exotic history, its excellent cuisine and even its madness. It is easy to dislike this country but it is even easier to fall in love with this land.

The long old history


Maybe the American and the French Wars would come up when people talk about Vietnam. The tragedy that the wars caused might have branded in many people’s minds but the victory has marked an unforgettable memory for not only Vietnamese people but also for the world war history. Being in Vietnam, you are able to learn more about what happened in the past and how much the wars have changed this country.

Worth to visit: Dien Bien Phu, Cu Chi Tunnels, Hue

Vietnam’s magnificent nature will steal your heart


Not many people know that Vietnam has an unique gift from the mother of nature. It is endless to list out how many mountains Vietnam has or how insane caves are in Vietnam. The ocean shapes along the S of Vietnam which brings so much resources for this country. In every region, every part of the country, there is always something for you to explore. Vietnam has a total of 8 world heritage sites in which 2 of them belong to Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha Cave. However, the new found Son Doong cave is currently blowing people’s minds and has become one of the hottest destinations in Vietnam.

What should be in your bucket list? – Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Phong Nha Cave, Hai Van Pass, Phu Quoc Island

The diversity of people and tribes is the spice of life in Vietnam

Taken in Sapa by Alexander Stephan

Taken in Sapa by Alexander Stephan

If you think everyone in Vietnam is the same, you might think again. There are over 27 tribes which make every single person in Vietnam different already. You can recognise the difference between people in Hanoi and Saigon or people from the far north and the rest of the country. Each part of Vietnam has shaped a different character in each person living here. After living in Vietnam for several years and being a Vietnamese born, I have seen this diversity in characters, personalities and appearances of each person in different part of this country. They somehow bring colours to the knowledge of human learning.

You should go to: Sapa, Bac Ha, Kon Tum

Vietnamese cuisine is exquisite and mouth-watering


Talking about food, most foreigners know Vietnamese cuisine by Pho (traditional noodle soup). A bowl of goodness with clear stock, rice noodles and thin slices of meat (either beef or chicken) is something you would like to try first thing when you come to Vietnam. However, it is just one dish that you know of because Vietnam offers so much more. Where should I start? There are more than 10 different kinds of noodles and each kind offers estimate over 20 kinds of dishes. That I have said about hundreds of dishes which do not relate to noodles. Home cooking dishes in Vietnam are also something that you would like to try because of its authentic taste and its cultural experience.

Can’t leave Vietnam without eating: Bun Cha, Pho bo (ga), Bun Nem, Cao Lau, Banh Xeo, Bun Bo Hue, Bo La Lot

Vietnam is like nowhere else and things that you can only find in Vietnam

  1. The madness of traffic
    Every country has something unique but something in Vietnam you are not able anywhere else. One fact that the traffic in Asia is madness but in Vietnam, it is extreme. For the first time crossing the road, you pray to god that you survive by the time you get to the other side. It might sound exaggerating but crossing roads in Vietnam can be listed to the scariest thing to do. However, don’t be too scared because it could turn into fun. It might look like vehicles going towards you but actually they always manage to drive around you. Therefore, it is said that you better close your eyes and cross. It might be safer.
  2. Street barbers – dare you find it elsewhere
    People ask me to find something that so special, so unique in Vietnam. After listing out several points, it came down to one specific job that nowhere offers – Street Barber. Walking in every city in Vietnam, you will find a private business opened in some corners where a man has his tools set up for barbering. You can get an affordable haircut but no guarantee, unfortunately, depends on your luck.
  3. Morning exercises
    I love the fact that this activity has become a distinctive culture of Vietnam. Most of the time, you see it most often in Hanoi. People wake up early in the morning, no matters hot or cold, rainy or sunny, people still go to the Hoan Kien Lake to do exercises. Some dance, some run, some stretch…
    Read more: Morning in Hanoi

No difficulty to enter Vietnam by Visa on Arrival with Vietnam Visa

Vietnam has changed some regulations upon visitor allowance. Some European passport holders such as German, English, Italian, etc. and people from South East Asia do not need to apply for a visa but get a visa on arrival. To check the full list of who needs to apply for a visa HERE.

Vietnamese Embassy is not available everywhere in your area so that it makes applying for a visa way somehow inconvenient. With Vietnam Visa, it is fast and no hassles is applied. However, keep it in mind that, “while visa on arrival is more convenient and less time-consuming, it is applicable for those who travel to Vietnam by AIR only“.

As easy as it goes:Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 15.52.13

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