Germany Christmast Markets in Munich 2015

Most of us are not so excited to see the winter to come because of the amount of layers and jackets we are going to put on. However, there is one thing that for sure we all look forward to when the first morning everything got frozen – The Christmas Market. Something is so traditional but never goes out of trend.

I can’t count how many countries I have visited to see the Christmas Market. There are something similar but each still has its own cultural touch. As many as I have been, the German Weihnachtsmarkt still gets its first prize. Having lived in Germany for quite awhile, it is no longer new to me but I always feel like a kid again when all these Christmas markets spread all over places with full of beautiful Christmasy decoration. I wondered, from the K town to this southern hood, will it be any difference?

I took a walk through the city and checked out some of Christmas Markets still being set up. At Residenz Museum, the market was the earliest bird opening and everything was set for the season to come. Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz is supposed to be the biggest market in town and I would imagine how beautiful it will be under the cathedral. For those who are like me, excited to bring out those skaters to ice-skate, Karlsplatz has set up for you a small ring so that you can ice-skate in this outer space.

All Christmas Markets will be opened on the 27th of November. For more information about all the Christmas Markets, click here.

5 tips before you go:

  1. Wear warm because there will be no heating system and the markets are held outdoor
  2. Be careful of pickpockets – it is easy to get mugged in the crowd during this time of the year
  3. Be aware that Glühwein is pretty strong. Don’t underrate it!
  4.  Bring cash! There is no card payment available at any huts
  5.  Don’t eat too much at home because you might get yourself full with all the delish German treats but still don’t expect that you can fill your tummy there because it could get crowded that you are not able to get food and some are quite pricey.