Spain: A Small Town Called Tarifa

I spent 2 nights in Tarifa and it was great. I met up with a friend that I knew from Utrecht and it was nice that he is from here so he could show me around.

Tarifa is just a tiny town. Therefore it is easy to wander around for just a day and there is no possibility to get lost. It might be small but it was a lovely town. Everything is small and cozy. And they have the best restaurants (as I experienced). I had such amazing food and Mojitos here. The food can be guaranteed 100% local and not made for tourists. I must say, here you could actually enjoy Andalucía’s cuisine the best. All the products are freshly made and very delish. And believe it or not, Tarifa is the ending point of Spain and you can see Morocco from here.

DSC_0406I drove from Málaga to Tarifa by Blablacar. Car-pooling is a very popular way to move around at the moment – it’s not only cheap but you are also able to meet nice people and have a great talk during the trip. The way to Tarifa was very interesting and that’s something you should try to see it once. The highway is actually along the coast and surrounded by mountains on the other side. Well, now you could imagine a part of how the ride is. I joined the ride early in the evening (around 19:30) so the sun was setting. Oh, the view was magnificent. I would highly recommend to take the car to drive to Tarifa because something you shouldn’t miss out. Getting closer to Tarifa, you are able to see Morocco. Because it was dark so all the lights in Morocco were on. You could see it easier in the night I think because it might be foggy during the day. To me, it was such an amazing experience. And the excitement was racing in me because I knew that I was going there in couple of days.

What to see and do in Tarifa?

Most people come to Tarifa for wind- and kite-surfing. The wind in Tarifa is very strong that gives a great possibility for surfers. Wave surfing is not possible because there is not so many big waves in Tarifa.

Enjoying the beach – There are miles of beach there for you in Tarifa. However, you should watch out for those windy days because you will be covered with sand within 10 minutes lying on the beach.

Dolphins and Whales watching – You could easily book a boat trip to watch Dolphins and whales. There are many agencies that could arrange that for you. However, they cannot guarantee that you can see all kind of dolphins. I had the trip as well and I could only see 2 kinds but it was a fun trip and it was very nice to see real dolphins swimming in the sea. If you can handle the sea, you should book the 3 hour trip that brings you to see Orca (of course that you’re lucky finding them). Since Orca is more active during the day so I suggest booking the early afternoon trip.

A trip to Tangier, Morocco – It is easy to go to Morocco from Tarifa. It’s just 40 minutes away and you will be in Tangier. You could have a day trip to Tangier that you are able to book at the tourist office or some other agencies.

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