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We found Angela as a person thats very warm, friendly & passionate with life. Her enthusiasm in the things she does and say is very addictive. Her work has been progressively improving from good to better from what we’ve seen on her blog. We begin from her photography skills first, her photos these days are slowly keeping up with the best bloggers out there in capturing that moment and delivering her message to her audience. And we see she’s not stopping to improve her work day by day. Now we move on to her writing, of course its improving as rapid as her photos to make her entire story a much more richer experience in reading her travelling journey all over the world. Her story is as personal as it gets and there is no faking on what she writes. We believe that her blog has high potential to be one of the renowned travel bloggers and also sharing her experience with everyone. Angela also has the spirit of not giving up on what she strives and believes. 

Angela Koblitz is very easy to work with and we feel she’s more like a close friend rather then an associate. And for sure we wont stop and will keep supporting her and keep on working in future projects.