Hitchhike Journal #6: Milan – Genova

24 July 2016
Distance: 142km
Transportation:  2 cars
Duration: 3 hours

The last trip took quite some nerves but this one went smoothly. To be honest, it took me awhile to put myself together and got ready for the trip again. The image of the truck driver asking me for sex was still in my head and I was very worried if there would be anything bad happen again. However, I had trust on people and there are always good people out there.

I had an incredible time in Milan. Emanuele was my host and he saved me from sleeping at the train station. He opened the door for me with full of hospitality. I thank him for the care and making me one part of his family. For sure, the big thank to Couchsurfing.com because they have brought people from all over the world together, let us share common interests.

Ema brought me to the gas station early morning. After saying goodbye, I started making my sign to head to Genova. The gas station I stood was at Viale Liguria. I couldn’t tell if it was the good station for hitchhikers or not. The traffic was crowded but there are many exits. It took me 20 minutes to have the first offer. He took me to Auto Grill which is the gas station/rest place for vehicles. From there, it was a short time till I had another ride.

In Genova, I was lucky to stay in one of the best spots of the city. It is close to the train station and up hill. From my host’s place, I had a great view of the city.

IMG_9869Pretty awesome huh?

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