Tanzania: Support Architecture Volunteers with The Backyard Hostel, Moshi

The Backyard Hostel

Address: Uru Road box 8817, Moshi, Tanzania
Website: http://backyardhostel.org/

Just about one and a half hours away from Arusha, I took the local bus to Moshi. The ride was terrible and I can never forget those moments when I was off my seat and went straight to the ceiling because of the bumpy roads. Moshi’s weather was a bit chiller than in Arusha but lifestyle ain’t the same. I could see that the amount of tourists wandering in Moshi was much more than in Arusha.

I was invited to come to Moshi and to stay with The Backyard Hostel. It is not so far from the main bus station, about 20 minute walk and pretty easy to find. Unlike other hostels I have stayed before, Backyard Hostel is just a simple hostel with a small scale and a simple design. Entering the colourful painted gate, you find a big backyard with a giant giraffe leading to the open bar of the hostel and the reception. Nothing spectacular, but Backyard Hostel impressed me with its vibrant and friendly atmosphere. They only have 7 beds including 1 double bedroom but the space is pleasant and fully equipped.


What special about The Backyard Hostel?

The Backyard Hostel is under an NGO organisation called C-re-aid.

“C-re-aid mostly works with people living in villages around Tanzania. People are used to built here without regulations or any form of planning. Because of development changes and modern influences, for example decrease of wood use because of deforestation or introduction of the corrugated roof sheet, traditional architecture is disspearing. Currently built houses are not built with the knowledge and cultural meanings of the vernacular architecture but are often built fast, unsustainable, not safe and unhygienic because of the lack of knowledge. This contributes to negative factors that can cause poverty. C-re-aid wants to provide architectural interventions for people in these situations. By smart designs and innovative building techiques using local materials the current houses and buildings can be improved without increasing the costs.”About C-re-aid

Every year C-re-aid brings volunteers from all over the world to come to Tanzania to join hand in developing and renovating houses in this country. The Backyard Hostel is one small business from C-re-aid which supports the organisation.

It is not just a budget hostel for travellers but staying with The Backyard Hostel is also a way to support C-re-aid and their projects on making Tanzanian people’s lives better. So whenever you are in Moshi, why don’t you give a bit of yourself to the country you are travelling in by a small action.

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