Study can be fun!

I haven’t updated my blog pretty a while. The reason is because after all the traveling I got my first term exams.

I’m not so proud of how successful I am in study because it’s not so. However, I am not a lazy student. There are lots of people make excuses, that they don’t like their study or their subjects are boring, for not studying well and having not good grades. I gotta admit that some of my study subjects are very boring and I really hate studying theories. But, it’s your decision how you want to study it or how high your grades you expect. This post I want to share with you how to make study more fun and some study skills tips.

Study tips

First, clear out your desk and re-decorate/re-organise it. To study well, you need a good atmosphere (or study environment). So, your study desk brings most impacts to your study. If your desk is neat and pretty, you have more motivation to study. If you desk is a mess, you will have lots of distractions. Now, make sure you have enough “study tools”. I’m talking about your note-books, pens, etc. They can be your study motivation as well. Why? When you have nice note-books, nice pencil cases and colourful pens, you tend to feel happier when you go to school or study at home. They can be the reminder that you gotta study, but they also give you a good feeling while you study.

It’s very important you don’t force yourself to study. To study in the most efficient way, you should do it voluntarily. You can find motivation by list out in your head why the subject is important and how it helps you. Find a reason why you study accept for “because I have to”.

Listen to music while you study! It makes studying less boring somehow. The music you listen to shouldn’t have too much (rememberable) lyrics because it doesn’t help you with concentration. Some artists I often listen to when I study are Moddi, Imaginary Friend, Ray Lamontagne (What are yours?)

Here are some tips that you can apply to your study 😉

  1. Summary – I’m sure many people doing this, summarise their textbooks. It’s a good thing because you actually study it while you are summarising. It also helps you minimise the time you have to study for the exams, esp. when you have so many subjects to study.
    Tip: In your documents/notebooks, you should use at least 2 different colours for your text. It does not only organise your main topics and the definitions, it also brings joy while you summarise and study it later on. I use 3 colours: Pink for my main topic letters, Blue for sub-topics, and Black for normal text. 
  2. Use images – If you are the person who can memorise images, you are in Visual type. You can better study with pictures, films, clip charts, etc. If you experience better with sound, you are in Auditory type. It’s easier for you to remember a text when you read it out loud or memorise it by listening to it for few times. And if you find practical experience fits you best, you are in Kinesthetic type. It’s so much easier when you know which learning type fits you most. From then, you can apply the most efficient way in your study.
    You can find out which type you are by doing this VAK Test.
    Tip: If you are V, you really should make a little drawing in your summary. It really helps you memorise the whole idea better and it’s simply fun ;). If you are A, read out loud your text. That way helps you understand what you are studying better and stimulate your brain to work more efficiently. And if you are K, try to apply what you learn in practical life.
  3. YouTube is your friend – You can learn so much from YouTube video. There are so many different videos explaining different fields and definitions. You can use YouTube when you are so tired of reading all the definitions in the textbook.
    Tip: Works really well with Auditory types 😉
  4. Keep an agenda – It’s your diary in which you write down what you have to do. Keeping an agenda makes your life as well as your study easier. You take control what you have to do. It also helps your assignments meet the deadline on time.

Everyone has their own learning methods. You should explore what yours is and apply it in the more efficient way. I hope some of these tips can help you and your study. These are also what I experience and apply to my study.
If you have more tips, please let me know 😉 I’m really interested!! And if you have questions about these tips or want to know how to solve some specific study problems or want to know more study skills, comment below. 🙂

Good luck!

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